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Chicago Debut for Endangered Red Wolf Pups

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Five endangered red wolf pups are making their public debut today at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo.

The tiny pups were born in late April and recently opened their eyes. They received their first vaccinations today, including a banana-flavored concoction.

Diane Mulkerin is a curator at the zoo.

MULKERIN: They’re just starting to get their legs under them and they’re now starting to run a little bit when we walk into the yard, so it’s interesting to see how their behavior changes as they grow up.

Red wolves were common in the southeast part of the country. The government declared them near extinct in the mid 70s. Biologists then rounded up seventeen remaining red wolves, who were bred in captivity.

Now there are about three hundred in the U.S. A third of them live in the wild in a North Carolina refuge.

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