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U of C Students React to Gift

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The news that the University of Chicago received a $100 million alumni donation is perhaps most welcome to its students.

Students learned about the donation, which the university says will go to financial aid, in an email from President Robert Zimmer.

First-year financial aid recipient Hannah Lee says, unlike most emails from the administration, she read this one top to bottom.

LEE: I wouldn’t mind getting more money, so if it does help, yeah, I was pleased.

Lee says scholarships and grants could help the school will attract more socioeconomic diversity.

Many students seem to agree.

But Marybeth Tamborra, another first-year aid recipient, says she’s reserving final judgment until she sees the proposed scholarship program in action.

TAMBORRA: I know that the university often likes to publicize a lot of these great things that we get, but then, I’ve noticed that what actually happens is often different than what they publicize.

Awards from the donation money will begin in the fall of 2008.

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