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Quinn Calls for Recall Option

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn is making a push to let voters recall elected officials. Quinn’s announcement comes just days after the Chicago Tribune editorial board said Governor Rod Blagojevich should be recalled from office.

Quinn says he’s been in favor of adding a recall clause to the state’s constitution for 30 years. He says the current turmoil in Springfield presents a good opportunity.

QUINN: I think the time is right in Illinois—the ‘Land of Lincoln,’ that believes in government of the people—we need to put in our constitution a recall amendment that can, I think, get better accountability from all office holders.

And that includes the governor, although Quinn—who would take over if the governor is recalled—wouldn’t directly endorse Blagojevich’s removal from office. The governor’s press office could not be reached for comment, but Blagojevich has expressed support for a recall option in the past.

This proposed amendment needs a three-fifths majority from the legislature and voters. Then, an actual recall would require a petition drive and a majority vote in an election.

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