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EPA To Hold Hearing on U.S. Steel Permit

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Federal officials will give a second look to a permit granted by Indiana officials to U.S. Steel in Gary.

Environmentalists and politicians in have been calling on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to hold a public hearing regarding U.S. Steel’s request to discharge higher amounts of pollution into Lake Michigan.

Well, now they’re getting one.

The EPA will hold a hearing on the issue somewhere in Northwest Indiana next month. Time, date and place will be announced later. Ann Alexander is an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council in Chicago. Alexander says she hopes this is a signal that the federal government will be securitizing requests for pollution discharge permits more often.

ALEXANDER: There are many permits out there that are problematic. We hope that what’s going on in this situation is a signal that that situation is going to change. We think more oversight of this nature would be appropriate.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management is prepared to issue a new permit for U.S. Steel, but the EPA is blocking it because it has concerns about the permit.

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