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Writers Strike Could Hurt Chicago Businesses

SHARE Writers Strike Could Hurt Chicago Businesses

Television and motion picture writers may go on strike Monday if they can’t negotiate a new contract. Talk and entertainment shows could stop airing if that happens and some local businesses could be affected.

Wayne Kubacki is vice-president of Essanay Studios, a lighting company that contracts to movies and t-v commercials. He says even the threat of a strike disrupts business.

KUBACKI: There’ll be some slowdown that’ll occur, and it’ll have an effect on my company, on every company that does any appreciable amount of business with movie or television show productions that come into town.

Kubacki says studios stockpile movies and t-v episodes if a strike seems likely… creating production lulls afterwards as they release backlogged projects. The last strike by the Writers Guild of America was in 1988. It lasted nearly 6 months. For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Jessy Bradish.

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