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Bus Riders Get Break but CTA Still Gets Heat

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Yet another Chicago Transit Authority doomsday fizzled. Federal money came through, so today the CTA spared bus routes and left fares alone. Some riders are growing weary of doomsday threats.

People at this CTA bus stop downtown were quick to point the finger. Paul Ciciora says Illinois legislators are playing games with transit funding.

CICIORA: I don’t know why they can’t come to an agreement—it’s politics, bad stuff.

Indeed, Illinois lawmakers can’t agree whether taxes or new casinos should pay for transit.

Bus rider Aaron Chalice says the problem’s closer to home.

CHALICE: Better money management would probably have a more effective result than these doomsday predictions where they want the state to bail them out, as opposed to taking care of business in-house.

CTA bus riders can keep playing the blame game for now. The CTA says it will have to draft yet another doomsday plan if there’s no new funding by January.

I’m Shawn Allee, Chicago Public Radio.

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