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Expo-goers Want Future Blueprints Greener

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Tens of thousands of building designers will descend on Chicago this week. They’re not here to remake the Chicago skyline, but to make future buildings more environmentally friendly.

Chicago hosts the GreenBuild Expo. It will showcase designers, architects, and builders who create, or try to create, living and working spaces with greener footprints. It’s part of a movement to set standards for green design, so home and office buyers know exactly how green their new building is.Participants will rap about using recycled or locally-produced materials, non-toxic paints, and alternative energy.

Local organizers say Chicago is a good fit for the expo. They’ll show participants successful green projects, including one building that meets high environmental standards and accommodates the handicapped.

Former President Bill Clinton will headline the conference. He runs a foundation that’s involved in fighting global climate change. Green building design is part of that effort.

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