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Berwyn Parents Fight Expulsions

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Berwyn Parents Fight Expulsions

Angry parents gathered outside a Berwyn high school to demand that their kids be allowed to return to class. Twenty-five students at Morton West High School are facing possible expulsion over an in-school protest of the Iraq War.

In a statement, Bill Nowakowski, who runs Morton District 201, says the protest inside the lunchroom disrupted the school day.

Parents of the student demonstrators say Nowakowski called the sit-in a mob action.

Pam Winstead’s son Mark has been suspended for ten days and may be expelled.

WINSTEAD: We begged them, ‘Please reconsider!’ And they wouldn’t do it. And right there, we wrote appeal letters, ‘Please let our kids back in school! This is too harsh.’

District officials are reportedly supposed to contact parents about their appeals today.

Winstead and other parents say they haven’t heard back yet and plan to take their concerns to tomorrow night’s District 201 Board of Education meeting.

I’m Jay Field, Chicago Public Radio.

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