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Friends Keep Accused Priest Out of Illinois Detention

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An elderly Catholic priest will be allowed to stay out of jail in Illinois while he fights federal sex abuse charges.

Federal prosecutors say Donald McGuire was seventy years old when he allegedly took a teen boy to Europe to molest him there. McGuire’s seventy seven now and entered court yesterday using a walker.The judge wondered aloud whether McGuire could threaten children during a long trial.

That’s when McGuire’s landlord interrupted.

Robert Yorio of Oak Lawn said, “I’m a tough son of a gun. There’ll be no kids coming in there, and I’ll make sure of it.”

But Yorio had a caveat; he said he couldn’t watch McGuire on Saturdays because he goes to Notre Dame football games in Indiana. That’s when another of McGuire’s friends offered to watch McGuire, too. That satisfied the judge and he ordered house arrest.

Before that, McGuire must still return to Wisconsin. He faces charges there that he violated probation for an unrelated child molestation conviction.

I’m Shawn Allee, Chicago Public Radio.

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