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Portage Elects First Female Mayor

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It was a mixed bag for women trying to make history in yesterday’s municipal elections in Northwest Indiana.

Supporters of Olga Velazquez erupted in jubilation when she was announced the winner of the mayoral race in Portage, Indiana.

Velazquez becomes the first female mayor for Porter County’s largest city. She won over Republican Jim Snyder. Velazquez says it was a tough campaign.

VELAZQUEZ: We were up against a lot of challenges going into this race. I knew being a woman was a challenge for some people. I knew my Hispanic last name was a challenge for some people. But we have to look beyond those things. We have to look at a person’s abilities, and leadership and service and vision. That was my platform and that’s who I am.

Velazquez takes office January 1.

In Crown Point, Republican mayoral candidate Gayle Van Sesson lost her bid to become that city’s first female mayor. She lost to Democrat David Uran. Uran becomes just the second Democratic mayor in Crown Point’s history.

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