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Episcopal Diocese Elects New Bishop

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The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago elected a new bishop yesterday.

The candidates included three women, one of them in a same-sex relationship. That was controversial, because the larger church is divided on the issue of gay and lesbian bishops.

But there was no controversy yesterday—the clergy and delegates elected Reverend Jeffrey Lee by a wide margin. Lee’s a rector in Washington state. The current bishop, William Purcell, called to tell him the results.

PERSELL: This is the Diocese of Chicago, gathered in a very happy convention. We have just elected you bishop of Chicago on the second ballot.

Persell says church members liked Lee’s experience.

PERSELL: It was very clear in this election that there was overwhelming support for Jeffrey Lee. When I talked to people before, he really connected well with people.

Lee’s consecration is scheduled for February 2.

I’m Lynette Kalsnes, Chicago Public Radio.

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