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Bishop Elect Wants to Build Bridges

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The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago chose its next bishop this past weekend in the glare of an international spotlight.

One of the female candidates was controversial because she’s in a same-sex relationship. Observers had expected the election to run all day. But Rev. Jeffrey Lee, a Washington state rector, won by a wide margin on the second ballot.

Here’s Lee’s reaction on a conference call to the convention:

LEE: Thank you. I can’t tell you how honored and humbled and daunted and delighted I am by this.

Lee says the Diocese, like the larger church, needs to increase its diversity, and build bridges to connect people.

LEE: I think the challenge for the church in many ways is to rediscover, reown, to recapture a sense that there is much more that unites us than divides us.

His consecration is expected February 2.

I’m Lynette Kalsnes, Chicago Public Radio.

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