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Rainbow/PUSH Backs Suspended Berwyn Students

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Students from Berwyn’s Morton West High School protested their suspensions this morning. Twenty-eight students were suspended earlier this month after refusing to relocate an in-school demonstration against the Iraq war.

Students gathered outside Morton West High School to protest their punishments. Joining them were supporters, including Reverend Gregory Livingston from the Rainbow/PUSH coalition. He says the school needs a policy change. Livingston says the students shouldn’t be suspended for protesting.

LIVINGSTON: They knew that they were going against school policy with this, but they had a reason to and it’s the American way, the right to free speech, the right to protest.

PUSH is demanding the suspensions be expunged from the students’ records, and says it may file suit if the school district doesn’t respond. A school district spokesman says officials are meeting with students and parents to talk about the punishments this week. But he says PUSH is politicizing the issue, and won’t be included in the talks.

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