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Chicago Considers Culinary High School

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A new public school in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood would teach at-risk 11th and 12th graders to become chefs. Chicago Public Radio’s Jay Field reports the school is part of a growing push to keep city students from dropping out.

Community Services West Career Academy would open next fall, as part of the Renaissance 2010 initiative.

The Chicago Board of Education will vote on the proposed school at its monthly meeting this morning.

It would operate out of a building that used to be home to a retail bakery.

At risk 17 to 21-year-olds would take math, science, social studies and a wide range of food preparation electives.

Kids would earn high school diplomas and state food-handling certificates.

Education officials have made dropout prevention a top priority in Chicago, where only about fifty percent of students graduate from high school.

I’m Jay Field, Chicago Public Radio.

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