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No Expulsions for Berwyn High School Protesters

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No students in Berwyn are getting expelled over a recent in-school protest of the Iraq War. Officials in Morton High School District 201 have backed off a threat to kick the kids out, after more than a week of protest from parents and civil rights groups.

A district spokesman says it was evidence, uncovered in student interviews, and not public pressure that led to the decision not to expel anyone.

But one parent had a different take. Adam Zwarek reacted to the news on the way to a meeting--to find out when his son could come off suspension and return to Morton West High School.

ZWAREK: Quite relieved, after all this time. Common sense finally prevailed. And we owe this to a lot of people. A lot of people got inviolved.

Besides parents, the list included officials with the American Civil Liberties Union and representitives of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition.

Fourteen of the 18 kids still serving suspensions can go back to school this morning. The remaining four will return Friday.

I’m Jay Field, Chicago Public Radio.

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