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Morton School District Defends Suspensions

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School administrators who suspended students for an anti-war protest earlier this month are fending off criticism that their move was politically motivated. The incident happened at Berwyn’s Morton West High School. Students allegedly refused to relocate an in-school protest against the Iraq war.

Dan Proft is a spokesman for Morton school district. He says the suspensions aren’t about the war, or free speech.

PROFT: It’s simply about 25 students who repeatedly refused to accede to requests by both district officials and law enforcement to move from a location where they were disrupting the school day to another location where they wouldn’t. That’s what this is all about.

One student protester says the group did move when asked, and were only told later that they’d be punished. There’s also controversy over why 9 of the original 28 suspended students have been allowed back to class. Proft says the school district hopes to have final punishments decided for all the students by the end of the week.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Jessy Bradish.

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