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Tow Truck Ring Busted

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Chicago police say they’ve arrested 13 offenders in one of the largest auto-theft schemes involving tow-trucks in the city’s history. Police say crews of thieves used tow trucks to steal cars. Lieutenant Dominic Rizzi says the thefts are not connected to legitimate tow companies.

RIZZI: These were individuals who owned tow trucks. They may or may not have had license plates on them, they may or may not have had a driver’s license, but these are individual thieves. They are not the tow companies that we recognize that are licensed through the city.

Rizzi says many of the suspects have records of auto theft. The cars were stripped of valuable parts, then sold to scrap yards. Police estimate millions of dollars worth of cars were stolen. The investigation is ongoing. Police say they suspect tow-truck auto theft is happening across Illinois.

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