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County Officials Brush Off Revenue Specifics

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Some Cook County officials are calling on the county board to find ways to balance the books.

Standing beside board president Todd Stroger, the officials staunchly defended their office’s budgets. Budgets that - collectively - contribute to a $240-million deficit.

And while the officials pleaded for additional revenue, they didn’t want to endorse any specific proposals. Here’s Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown:

BROWN: Well, I’m not in a position to second guess the Department of Revenue for Cook County.

State’s Attorney Dick Devine:

DEVINE: What the numbers crunchers say the amount should be is really up to them.

And Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore:

MOORE: The Recorder’s Office needs the revenue whichever way the president comes up with it and that’s what we’re going to be supporting.

Stroger is still pushing a 2-percent sales tax boost, a proposal he hasn’t yet convinced the the county board to accept. The board meets again this morning.

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