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Mass Transit Talks May Stall

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A special session of the Illinois General Assembly next week is set to tackle mass transit. But it could be fruitless. That’s according to a spokesperson for House Speaker Mike Madigan. Chicago Public Radio’s Mike Rhee reports.

Governor Rod Blagojevich and Madigan have been at odds over how to fund mass transit. Blagojevich says he supports using gasoline taxes. Madigan supports a regional sales tax hike—even though the House rejected it a few months ago. The two also seem to disagree on special sessions. Madigan criticized the governor earlier this year for holding too many of them. Steve Brown, a spokesperson for Madigan, says Blagojevich needs to specify what legislation the General Assembly should discuss next week.

BROWN: And if he doesn’t identify bills, then there’s nothing for the Senate or the House to consider, and it’s just a meaningless act.

Brown says most of the governor’s special sessions this year have been “absolute failures.” A spokesperson from Blagojevich’s office says the governor is not required to specify bills for special sessions.

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