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Professors to Argue Merits of Latke vs. Hamantash

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University of Chicago professors will attempt tonight to academically determine which is the best Jewish holiday food.

Their positions: either the latke or the hamantash? The debate over the potato pancake and the prune- or apricot-filled cookie has been waged annually for more than 60 years. Graduate School of Business professor Austan Goolsbee says he’ll use his expertise to defend the latke’s honor.

GOOLSBEE: The economics unequivocally demonstrates the superiority of the latke. But anybody who’s tried one pretty much knew that already.

But Oriental Studies professor Matthew Stolper says it’s much too easy to like the latke over the hamantash.

STOLPER: It’s not fried potatoes. You don’t go to McDonald’s and ask them for triangular fruit-filled cookies.

Whatever the debate’s outcome, audience members will get to decide for themselves as samples of both foods will be available.

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