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Food Desert Way of Life in Englewood

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Englewood residents have a tougher time getting quality groceries. That’s according to a new study funded by the Chicago Community Trust. The study cites fewer grocery stores in the South Side community. Chicago Public Radio’s Natalie Moore reports.

There is only one full-service supermarket—Food 4 Less—and one discount supermarket—Aldi’s—in Englewood. Both serve a population of about eighty-five thousand people. That’s a lot less than the citywide rate.

BLOCK: The situation on the South Side is probably getting worse. And I didn’t really expect that because there has been a lot of attention played to this.

Chicago State University’s Daniel Block was one of the researchers of the report. Block says people he interviewed said they felt confined by their grocery options.

People here travel twice as far as the average Chicago shopper to stock their refrigerators. Drug stores, food pantries, corner stores and fast-food chains largely serve residents. Block says he hopes the report spawns grassroots efforts such as community gardens for fresh produce.

I’m Natalie Moore, Chicago Public Radio.

A disclaimer: The Chicago Community Trust also funds this station’s Chicago Matters Series.

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