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Daley Upbeat About Transit Situation

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Daley Upbeat About Transit Situation

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says he’s optimistic Springfield lawmakers will save the region from mass transit doomsday. The statement from the mayor comes on the eve of the General Assembly’s special session.

A word of caution: the mayor, and others, have been optimistic before. But with a compromise coming from House Speaker Mike Madigan this week, there’s at least a chance lawmakers will find a solution. Mayor Daley, sick here, says it’s wrong to keep transit riders guessing through the holidays.

DALEY: Also you have the, all the men and women that work for the CTA, all the bus drivers, they have families, they didn’t take a pay raise this year, they reorganized their health care and pensions. That took a lot of courage to do that so, I think we all owe it to them as well.

Daley says using gasoline sales taxes to fund mass transit is a good idea. However, lawmakers say using that money will leave a hole in the state’s budget, and there’s no plan on how to replace it.

Listen to Daley’s press conference.

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