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DuPage County Tax Up to Voters

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It will be up to DuPage County voters to decide whether they want a sales tax hike. County officials last night approved a plan to hold off on any budget cuts until residents vote on February 5.

The quarter-percent sales tax hike would raise an estimated $40 million for DuPage County annually. That would be enough to fill the county’s deficit for next year, and then some. Without a tax hike, the county might be forced to lay off hundreds of workers. Commissioner Kyle Gilgis of Downers Grove says cuts could be devastating for the county’s criminal justice system.

GILGIS: What that would translate to specifically is public safety here. We won’t have as many patrolmen out there, we won’t have as many adminstrative people to really process the bad guys.

Gilgis says if voters reject a sales tax hike, there’s another option on the table: DuPage County vehicle stickers. The fee would be $50 for each car, with some exceptions.

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