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Daley Nominates FBI Official to Lead Police

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Daley Nominates FBI Official to Lead Police

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley today nominated a new leader for the city’s embattled police force. Ealier today, police superintendent nominee Jody Weis and Mayor Daley answered reporters’ questions about the nomination.

Weis would take over a department that’s faced a barrage of criticism this year. The on-and-off-duty conduct of officers has led to battles in the city council and the courts, as well as a makeover of the office that investigates allegations of police abuse. Weis brings to the job 22 years with the FBI.

WEIS: The one thing I’m proud of with the FBI is that, although we’re not perfect, we do have a pretty good reputation of policing ourselves. And I would like to bring that same type of commitment here to the Chicago Police Department.

Weis once served in the FBI’s Chicago field office, but he’s never been a police officer.

The president of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police says some officers will undoubtedly be disappointed that an outsider was selected for the post. But he says the nomination is the mayor’s decision, and the FOP looks forward to working with Weis.

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