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Former Congressman Hyde Dies

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Former Congressman Henry Hyde died this morning, at the age of 83. The Illinois Republican stepped down in January after 32 years in office.

Henry Hyde was best known for his namesake Hyde Amendment which stopped federal funding and for abortion and for leading impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton. But today, former colleagues on both sides of the aisle are remembering Henry Hyde for his impassioned speeches—and his congeniality away from the House floor, even if they didn’t always agree with what he said on it. Earlier this year, Hyde said he’d like to be remembered as being fair and honorable.

HYDE: You can disagree with people, if they’re sincere and not treating some important issue frivolously, it’s very healthy. It’s democracy at its best.

Hyde underwent heart surgery in July and subsequently suffered from kidney failure. I’m Ammad Omar, Chicago Public Radio.

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