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Fed Relaxes Education Requirements for Illinois

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Illinois is one of six states that has been given some leeway under the No Child Left Behind Act. A new pilot program will allow schools in Illinois to offer tutoring to students sooner when it looks like they need help.

Usually, if a school fails for two years in a row, it’s required to offer students the choice to change schools. But Chris Koch says that’s not always possible. Koch is state superintendent of education. He says under the new plan, schools will be allowed to offer tutoring instead.

KOCH: For Illinois that’s sort of important because we have so many districts, including a lot of small districts, whereby choice isn’t really an option. There’s no other option within the districts.

Koch says the pilot program will also allow schools to target resources to groups that are underperforming. That means people with disabilities or certain racial groups will get extra help. The federal No Child Left Behind Act is scheduled to be re-approved next year.

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