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Traffic Tie Ups Likely Around Chicago Holiday Events

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Triple-A estimates more than a million-and-a-half people will be traveling in and around Illinois over the holiday weekend. Transportation officials are asking people to be cautious on crowded roadways.

Over the weekend, Chicago will host three days of fireworks, White Sox baseball games and the Taste of Chicago. Mike Claffey with the Illinois Department of Transportation says there’s one bright spot for drivers.

CLAFFEY: We’re not dealing with any rush hour traffic over the three day weekend. People aren’t going to the office. That’s a good thing.

Claffey says there are a few things travelers should keep in mind. Construction crews won’t be on the roads this weekend, but lane closures and work-zone speed limits are still in effect. And police statewide are stepping up road-side safety checks to crack down on drunk drivers.

Given all that, Claffey advises holiday travelers to take public transportation whenever they can.

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