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Durbin Says Con-Con Worth Considering

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This fall, Illinois voters will face an issue separate from all the hype surrounding the campaigns. The issue is whether the state should rewrite parts of its constitution and it’s getting a lot of debate from both sides.

It’s called a Constitutional Convention, or con-con. By state law, it pops up on Illinois ballots once every 20 years. Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin says a con-con could be a good way to solve some of the political bickering going on in Springfield.

DURBIN: I wouldn’t rule it out. I think we ought to look at it honestly and decide whether there’s anything that needs to be done in our constitution that really addresses some of the problems we’re facing today and really, what breaks some of the gridlock we’ve seen in our state capital.

As for exact problems, Durbin wouldn’t say.

DURBIN: I’m not going to get into specifics.

A big issue that could come up at a con-con is whether or not voters can recall elected officials. Opponents say there are a lot of uncertainties that go along with a constitutional convention, like who the delegates would be.

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