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Potential Clamp Down on Building Permits

The Chicago City Council is trying to clamp down on middle-men known around city hall as “expediters.”

Expediters help real estate developers, contractors and home owners get building permits. The city is considering a proposal to require them to be licensed. The move comes a month and a half after bribery charges were laid against 15 people who worked for, or did business with the city’s building and zoning departments.

This morning an attorney with Chicago’s law department told aldermen that requiring licenses would allow the city to yank them from expediters charged with wrong-doing. That didn’t impress alderman Bernie Stone.

STONE: Prior to appearing before a jury of his peers you’re going to suspend the license of an individual?

Other aldermen expressed concern that licensing fees would simply be passed on to homeowners who need building permits. The lingering questions caused the alderman to schedule another hearing on the proposal.

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