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Lawmakers Under Pressure to Pass State Budget

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Illinois lawmakers are expected back in Springfield tomorrow to sort out the state’s finances. Governor Rod Blagojevich has threatened to make $1.5 billion in cuts unless the Legislature balances the budget.

Blagojevich has spent the past few weeks pointing the finger at House lawmakers.

BLAGOJEVICH: They wrote a check they know they can’t pay. And as a result, if I were to sign that budget, that would be like me signing a check that I know is gonna bounce.

For the Governor, it’s a no win situation. If he signs the budget as passed, the state will have major money problems in coming months. Make the cuts, and he’s the bad guy once again. But the Governor sees another way out. He wants the House to pass plans that would bring in revenue from leasing the state’s lottery and shifting other money from dedicated accounts. But few expect the House will go along. And time is running out. Without a budget by the end of this week the state could be forced to delay paychecks to some employees.

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