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City Officials Tout Solutions to CTA 'Bus Bunching'

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Chicago city officials say they have a solution to the chronic problem of “bus bunching.” That’s when several buses wind up traveling closely together and it produces long waits for people at stops.

For years, bunching has been a problem. Mayor Daley says the fix is a two parter: 1) equip all Chicago Transit Authority buses with GPS, and 2) put CTA bus supervisors in cars instead of fixed stations.

DALEY: In other words, the days of seeing CTA bus drivers with clipboards standing there, sitting in little wooden booths methodically counting buses are over.

CTA Chief Ron Huberman says supervisors will monitor bus traffic by computer.

HUBERMAN: If they see three buses traveling together or two buses traveling together, they’ll have to go to where that location is.

Huberman says the supervisor will then break up the offending bunch. City officials rolled out the new system yesterday, along with new enhancements to Internet bus tracking for customers, and plans to clean buses more often. Olympic officials recently gave the Chicago’s transit system relatively low marks in evaluating the city’s bid to host the 2016 games.

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