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Cubs Fans' Field of Eternal Dreams?

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Wrigley Field has been the burial ground for the dreams of Northside baseball fans for decades. Soon, a fake Wrigley could be a real resting place.

Dennis Mascari used to work at a cemetary. He says things were pretty depressing - so he came up with an idea for a new kind of mausoleum.

MASCARI: The whole thing is gonna be baseball themed.

The life long Cubs fan bought some land in a cemetary, where he’s planning to build a replica of Wrigley Field’s center field wall and scoreboard. In the wall, he’s got room for the ashes of about 280 Cubs fans. But that’s not all.

MASCARI: We’re trying to think of a system where we could broadcast the Cubs games into the wall.

The most premium package will run about $5,000, but there are several options available.

MASCARI: They’re called single, double, triple and grand slam.

Mascari says spots are going fast. He hopes to complete the project by October.

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