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White Managers Used the "N-Word"

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A chemical company in Chicago’s South Suburbs is paying a $175,000 to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit.

Black employees at the McIntyre Group in University Park say white managers were using the N-word. And they say the company retaliated against people who complained about the behavior. Aaron DeCamp is an attorney with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which brought the lawsuit on behalf of workers. DeCamp says someone also put up a sign on an office door that said, “no blacks allowed.”

DECAMP: It’s a blue collar environment and sometimes comments are thrown around by management and non-management employees and the HR people or the company’s turn a blind eye to it just because they just think this is par for their employees.

DeCamp says even though the company admitted no wrongdoing, he says the settlement money speaks for itself. Our repeated calls to the McIntyre Group were not returned.

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