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Business Leaders Speak Out Against Con-Con

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A group of Illinois business and labor leaders gathered today to speak out against a contentious issue voters will face on the November ballot.

The issue is whether the language in the Illinois constitution should be changed. That would require a so-called constitutional convention, nicknamed a “Con-Con,” which people in Illinois vote on every 20 years.

Nancy Kaszak heads the Alliance to Protect the Illinois Constitution. It’s a group of higher-ups representing business groups mostly. Kaszak says she doesn’t trust the current leadership in Springfield to be involved in possibly changing the constitution.

KASZAK: It’s a gimmick to distract voters from Springfield’s failure. These politicians are blaming the constitution rather than taking responsibility for their own failures to solve problems.

Kaszak says a Con-Con could take years to finish and cost more than $100 million.

Meantime, people who support the idea, like Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, say that’s way overblown. He says a con-con could cost as little as $13 million.

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