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Local Businesses Hit Hard by Natural Gas Prices

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Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas customers are paying nearly double what they paid last year. During these summer months, home owners may not be feeling the pinch, but some local businesses are.

Bonnie Tefka is the owner of Fast Track, a fast food place on Chicago’s west Lake Street. She says her char-grill and her friers are powered by natural gas.

TEFKA: Oh those bills have definitely gone up. My gas bill is well over a thousand dollars a month.

Tefka says that’s on top of higher cost for beef, potatoes, oil, gas for supply runs, and delivery charges. She says the situation is leaving her in a tough spot.

TEFKA: I raised prices maybe about six months ago, I raised my prices. I’m going to have to change those prices and go up again. And I’m trying not to.

Tefka says she thinks her customers will understand.

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