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Exelon Promises to Cut Greenhouse Gases

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Chicago-based Exelon plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 15 million metric tons by 2020. That’s more than the energy company’s puts out now.

The goal, if met, would be the equivalent of taking nearly 3 million cars off the roads. Exelon says it can achieve that through energy efficiency and boosting output from its nuclear plants. Nuclear power emits far fewer greenhouse gases than most other energy sources. Exelon’s Shelley Keller says the company would make some of these changes in order to meet demand anyway, but...

KELLER: It is more than that. I mean, the plan and the goal that the plan is designed to meet go beyond any set of things we would just do anyway and are really about setting a pretty high bar for our own actions.

The plan relies mostly on traditional energy sources, rather than wind and solar. Keller says renewable power isn’t yet cost-efficient.

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