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Union President Calls for Community Schools

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Union President Calls for Community Schools

Randi Weingarten (AP/File)

The second largest teachers union in the U.S. wants to create schools that also provide social and health care services. The union’s new leader says Chicago could be a great place to start.

Randi Weingarten just became president of the American Federation of Teachers Monday. And she’s already pushing for so-called community schools. These would offer things like dental services. And have flexible hours for students who have to work. Weingarten says mayors in cities like Chicago and Philadelphia already control the schools.

WEINGARTEN: And I would like to see the day when they actually use that to integrate services on behalf of kids. There are so many more efficacious ways of using funds and we want to make sure that kids have the services that they so dearly need.

Weingarten says addressing basic human needs in children is critical to closing the achievement gap in schools.

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