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Daley Says He Tried to Settle Madigan-Blagojevich Feud

Tensions between Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and House Speaker Michael Madigan are still simmering in Springfield. Upstate, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says he tried to play peacemaker - but got shot down.

Daley is calling on state and federal lawmakers to pass capital bills to help with the city’s infrastructure. Governor Blagojevich supports a state-wide public works plan - but so far, it’s failed to get Madigan’s approval in the House. Daley says tension between the two lawmakers is holding up the process.

DALEY: It’s a personal feud. It’s the Hatfield and McCoy’s, you know that. When people don’t trust each other in politics or in families, you have issues.

Daley says he’s tried to get the politicians together to smooth things out - but he says they won’t listen to his appeals. Madigan reportedly has not attended meetings with Blagojevich over the state budget impasse and stalled capital plan.

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