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Weis May Bring Back Special Ops Unit

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Chicago’s Police Superintendent is thinking of resurrecting a scandal-plagued unit that led his predecessor to retire.

Jody Weis says he wants to bring back the Special Operations Section, or SOS unit. SOS officers used to rush to drug and gang hotspots. But the unit was disbanded last year after several officers were charged with stealing drugs, guns, and cash from people they figured wouldn’t report the stolen contraband. But with the homicide rate up in Chicago, Weis thinks some version of SOS is once again needed.

WEIS: Now I know there’s a lot of negative things associated with that, but not the concept. That was a very aggressive enforcement group that would go out and take weapons off the street and arrest a lot of bad guys.

Weis says officers in a retooled SOS unit would be kept on a shorter leash. Many think the wide independence given to the old unit is what allowed so many officers to allegedly engage in criminal activity for so long.

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