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CTA Riders Cool on Train Plan

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Reaction is coming in this morning over a Chicago Transit Authority plan to squeeze more passengers into trains. Chicago Public Radio’s Ammad Omar reports.

The CTA says it’s planning to remove seats from some rush hour cars in response to rising ridership on the city’s trains. But passengers I spoke with this morning, like Aaron Butler and Kimberly Carr weren’t too keen about the plan.

BUTLER: I feel like that would be unfair because there’s already not enough seats as is, and as we go home after rush hour, it’s always packed, there’s never enough seats.

CARR: I don’t like that idea at all.
OMAR: Why not?
CARR: Because, at the rush hour a lot of people are tired, they’d like to get a seat.

The CTA says some cars on every train will still have seats.

The agency is hoping to launch the program on an experimental basis sometime this fall. They’ll start off with some busy rush hour routes, like the red, blue and brown lines.

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