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Batman's Kind of Town

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Batman's Kind of Town

Filming ‘Dark Knight’ in Chicago. Photo by Jeremy Farmer.

The latest Batman flick, The Dark Knight, opened to sold-out crowds across the country early Friday morning. In the movie, Chicago doubles as Gotham City.


Alison Cuddy talks to Dark Knight’s location manager about Chicago’s cinematic scenery

The movie’s stunts and explosions raised some issues Chicago doesn’t exactly deal with everyday. Chicago Film Office chief Rich Moskal says a crash scene involving an 18-wheeler needed a lot of planning, and the go-ahead from utility companies and engineers.

MOSKAL: With this truck just barreling right down LaSalle Street, and have it flip end over end and crash onto the street...

ambi: movie trailer couldn’t have hit the mark more perfectly without incident.

There’s also a car chase down Lower Wacker Drive and an explosion at the old Brach’s candy factory.

Moskal says the movie paid off for the Chicago area. He estimates $35 million were spent locally during filming. That includes everything from equipment rentals to hotels to paychecks for the movie’s 7,000 extras.

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