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Ethanol Decision Looms

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Farmers and traders are keeping a close eye on the Environmental Protection Agency this week. The agency is expected to make a decision that could affect corn prices and ethanol production.

The EPA could decide to reduce requirements of the Renewable Fuel Standard program, that’s the program that mandates fuels like ethanol be blended with gasoline.

The Illinois Farm Bureau is fighting any change. Adam Nielsen is a spokesman for the group.

NIELSEN: The use of corn based ethanol has been one of a number of factors that have influenced corn prices. Just as its one of a number of factors that has influenced the price of corn. And so to put it all at ethanol’s doorstep is a little bit unfair.

The Governor of Texas asked for the waiver. He argues steering corn toward ethanol hurts livestock farmers and the economy. The EPA has to make a decision by Wednesday.

I’m Adriene Hill, Chicago Public Radio.

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