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Chicago to Buy Back Guns

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The City of Chicago and Chicago Police will host a city-wide gun buy-back this Saturday. This will be the fourth turn-in event since 2006. Today Chicago Mayor Richard Daley was out imploring city resident to bring in their firearms to one of 25 different locations between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday.

DALEY: Today I’m asking every resident of Chicago to turn in their firearms-shotguns, rifles, automatics, semi-automatics, pistol, revolvers. No question asked.

Anyone who brings in a gun will receive a $100 prepaid credit card as a reward. Some experts question the effectiveness of gun buy-back programs, saying they do little to draw guns from the most dangerous hands. Daley defends the program, saying last summer’s turn-in collected 6,700 guns. The promotion of the gun buy-back is the latest in the city’s effort to address a recent increase in violent crime.

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