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Commissioners Tired of Peraica

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Commissioners Tired of Peraica

Tony Peraica (AP/M. Spencer Green)

Cook County Commissioners re-affirmed their need today for the one percent tax increase that took effect just a few weeks ago.

The debate was re-ignited today by Commissioner Tony Peraica who called on the board to repeal the tax increase.

PERAICA: This is a corruption tax. This is the tax on the inefficiency, fraud, and abuse that we’re paying as taxpayers of Cook County.

SUFFREDIN: If you know about corruption the United State’s attorney is at 219 South Dearborn and somebody better go there if they’re a responsible elected official.

Larry Suffredin was one of several commissioners who took swipes at Peraica’s proposal, and his motives. Commissioners voted 10 to seven to keep the tax and several said Peraica knew his proposal would fail but brought it so he could get attention as he runs for Cook County State’s attorney against democrat Anita Alvarez. Peraica insists he thought he could get two more votes which would have been the majority he needed.

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