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Residents Claim Lack of Recreation Space

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Residents who live in South Shore are peeved with the Chicago Park District for what they say is dwindling recreation space.

Rosenblum Parks is known for its baseball and football fields. Sydney Brooks is involved with a group called Friends of Rosenblum Parks. They are unhappy with a portion of the park being closed off because South Shore High School is expanding. Brooks says three hundred youth played in the park’s baseball program. And that’s an alternative.

BROOKS: When you have youth in organized programs, and not sitting around in the neighborhood and getting caught up with different gang activity or gangs…they’re vulnerable when they don’t have nowhere else to go, they hang in the neighborhood.

The Chicago Park District says one out of the four baseball diamonds at Rosenblum is available for use. Brooks says the baseball field is in shambles and not fit for use.

South Shore residents continue to have meetings about park space- including one this evening.

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