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County Board to Review Federal Investigation into Jail

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The Cook County Board is planning to look into allegations that the county jail violates the rights of the thousand of inmates waiting for trial there.

Commissioner Roberto Maldonado is calling for the hearing in light of an investigation federal authorities announced last week. The county board is ultimately responsible for what goes on in the jail and Maldonado says the commissioners themselves need to look into the claims of investigators.

MALDONADO: We might hear very persuasive arguments by, by the feds or we can hear very persuasive arguments by the Sheriff’s office and then we need to give them an opportunity and see what comes out of that.

Maldonado says he’ll hold off on a hearing until Sheriff Tom Dart, who runs the jail, has had a little more time to prepare a response to the justice department’s report. That investigation found problems with security, sanitation, and medical care. But Dart says many of the concerns raised have already been corrected.

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