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Daley Denies Property Tax Hike for Schools

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Daley Denies Property Tax Hike for Schools

AP/Charles Rex Arbogast

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says there will be no property tax hike next year to help the city’s cash-strapped schools. That’s while the school district faces a $97 million budget gap.

Mayor Daley says Chicagoans have to deal with enough these days. High prices for gas, food. And don’t forget recent tax hikes from Cook County, the state and Daley’s own City Council. So the mayor says there will not be a property tax hike for the schools this year.

DALEY: I mean, I’m sorry, you have to make decisions, set your priorities. You have to do that. That’s why you’re elected. It’s a very difficult time.

Daley says the weak economy is hurting everyone, including governments. Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan says the district plans to take $100-million out of its reserve fund next year. Duncan says the district has raised property taxes every year since Mayor Daley took over the schools. That is, until now.

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