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Emil Jones: Not Interested in 'Silly Games'

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Illinois leaders are no closer to reaching a deal to avoid major budget cuts. Governor Rod Blagojevich cut $1.5 billion from the budget, saying it was well out of balance.

The House last week over-rode some of the cuts, but those votes aren’t going to matter without approval from the Senate. In Chicago today, Senate President Emil Jones held firm.

JONES: I’m not going to get involved in playing silly games and giving false hopes to people.

Jones says he doesn’t support all the cuts, but he blamed the House for not passing new revenue to balance the budget.

JONES: We must have a balanced budget. It’s just that simple.

A spokesman for Speaker Michael Madigan says there are no plans for the House to come back to Springfield. He says accounting maneuvers could free-up some money, but says those details are still being negotiated.

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