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Campaign Cash From Employees

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The candidates running for Cook County State’s Attorney are taking campaign contributions from people who do work for that office and the county.

Campaign contributions for the first six months of the year were made public this week and they show that Democrat Anita Alvarez is taking donations from people who work in the state’s attorney’s office and would become her employees if she wins in November. Alvarez says she doesn’t think that’s a conflict.

ALVAREZ: It isn’t a situation where people are looking for something from me, it’s more of you know, the relationship you have, the friendship that you have.

Alvarez says she’s been an assistant state’s attorney for a long time so she has a lot of friends and supporters in the office. But her opponent, Republican Tony Peraica, says it’s improper for her to take money from people who could be dependent on her for promotions and raises. He says he doesn’t think he’s gotten any contributions from people in the state’s attorney’s office however he did get money from a law firm that does work for the county. He says he’s going to look into that.

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