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Tinley Park Moves to Better Protect Residents' Financial Info

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Officials in south suburban Tinley Park say they will store the personal and financial information of residents differently. They say today they recovered computer tapes with social security and bank information on file with the village that went missing a few weeks ago. But the scare has caused officials to rethink how to protect the information.

As a security measure, officials routinely move tapes from one location to another. Tinley Park Village Manager Scott Niehaus says the information will still be rotated, but will also be encoded. Paul Stephens agrees with that decision. Stephens monitors lost data and security breaches for the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in San Diego, California.

STEPHENS: When any information that is of a sensitive nature is being transported from one point to another on a portable device, that information should be encrypted.

Tinley Park leaders say the lost data posed no threat because it would take advanced technology to read the backup tapes.

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